Password protected posts

I protect posts for many reasons. Sometimes, they are especially intense in terms of the content, and I would rather readers not stumble across them. Most of what I write is fairly intense anyway. Sometimes, they are written by dissociated parts, and I don’t want their private thoughts read by total strangers who are really interested in researching way to die for a book they are writing. Sometimes, the posts are just more personal.

If you are interested in reading the password protected posts, you can. Just comment and I will email you the password.


3 thoughts on “Password protected posts”

  1. I’m interested in reading password protected posts.

  2. This.shaking said:

    Dear Ashana M.: I have watched with respect and affection as you write your posts and respond to those of other people. I would be honored to share your protected thoughts. Thank you. TS

  3. Makes total sense. I have another blog under a psudonyme so my family and especially coworkers won t see and I can just be me uncensored. It IS very therapeutic.

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