I’m not in a good place today.

The director of the therapy center called back at last. Actually, she called yesterday, and I finally managed to connect. We had a nice chat as she went through the intake paperwork. She had a therapist in mind for me. She said the therapist would call me either later in the evening or the next day (today).

Yesterday morning, I got an email from the Country X people in Canada who do the legwork of recruiting and screening foreign teachers. They needed some documents–some of which need to be notarized. I have provided some of these with the application already, but whatever. They’ve had a lot of turnover. People keep having to reinvent the wheel.

So I spent a lot of yesterday gathering the documents together–not that it was that difficult, but the whole thing makes it hard for me to think straight. Then I needed to request some letters of recommendation–one for the Canadians, one because I need to find a job.

You can see the stressors, I think.

Today, I find it hard to feel or connect to anything. The compulsion to brace myself after experiences of being seen or wanting to be seen is so automatic, it’s hard to do anything about.