So I have a job. It’s kind of a miracle, in my view.

Or I managed to do just enough things right that the things I got wrong didn’t stick in anyone’s minds. That happens. We look for coherence, and things that don’t fit the pattern are sometimes forgotten about.

I went into the interview with my purse upside down. I gave one of the teachers a look when I noticed this, and he did not seem to think this was funny.

I talked too loud.

My mouth was dry and it made it sound to me like I was talking through a layer of spit.

Otherwise, I think I sounded great.

Intelligent, but a total fucking weirdo.

I looked the principal directly in the eye when I left and thanked her, actually the way I always try to look C directly in the eye when I leave so that I leave on a note of connection. I got a big smile out of the principal that looked really fake. I don’t know why I did that, but maybe it made a difference.

Maybe she’s as big a weirdo as I seemed to be.

Or maybe no one more qualified showed up, and they were in a tight spot.

Who knows? I think it’s a decent school. Generally, it has an acceptable reputation—not the chaos and violence and total incompetence of my last public school job. I am hoping it won’t be overwhelmingly difficult.

It’s a two-hour commute by train from where I am living.

I don’t know when it will start. I have paperwork to fill out tomorrow and they always have to wait for the fingerprints to come back, and that varies.

But I have something on the horizon.