I think I need to get it out.

So today has been a VP Ma’am day. I am sorry. I am not at best, and I do not have nice or pretty things to say. I don’t feel patient or understanding.

I wish death on her. Or myself. One of us has to go.

All day long. Before school, after interval, at the beginning of lunch, before 6th period.

First there was hemmed and hawed. Yes, yes, yes, yes. I am not kidding. It was four times. The same question, which I answered four times. I believe that was before school.

Then she wanted me to look at her questions. Okay, sure. She wanted to ask questions that included common mistakes. Well, the teachers make these mistakes. The principal makes them. Put them in a quiz game for 7th and 8th grade students and they will get them all wrong. I said that yesterday. If you want a game where everyone loses, go for it, but I don’t think anyone will like watching it. And your evaluation is next week. You might try to make an interesting game as your last public event. I dunno. Seems worth a shot.

Then, a frantic, “Going home for lunch?”

Indeed, yes.

Another frantic, “You didn’t bring your packed lunch?”

Indeed, no.

(In my head, is there some kind of problem with that? Are you also going to prevent me from going home to eat along with keeping me from my work by asking the same questions repeatedly?)

Before sixth period, “Do you have any international news items?”

“No, were you expecting me to get some?”

(There is a man on campus who, every week, writes news items for the students to say at assembly. Perhaps we could ask him. That is what I said yesterday.)


(In my head. Seriously?)

Why do I move my mouth when no sounds seem to come out? And why does she keep wanting my ears and my eyes on her? What exactly does that do for her?

Then, after school, asking everyone else in the staffroom to provide the portion of the quiz I said I would do.

And it is always, always like this. Only this time worse, because the performance evaluation is next week.

It is my job to help her. I am the assistant at this. But what is the point of doing anything? What I do, she rejects. What I say no to, she keeps expecting me to do.