I need headphones. Mine broke and I was idiot enough not to invest in new ones.

I will tell you what I hate about Country X.

People yell. All the time.

They argue about everything, because they take everything personally.

They make noise for no particular reason. Drop a stack of books, start banging on the table, sing, whistle.

That upsets me for my own reasons.

However, then they tell you how peaceful their country is and how happy everyone is. People are killing themselves either quickly (suicide) or slowly (alcoholism) at what must be the highest rates outside of the former Soviet Union. Domestic violence, sexual violence, and child abuse are rampant. But they are happy. They are not happy. They have never actually been to a place where this is not going on.

This has got to be the most miserable, violent place I have ever lived. And it’s not just because it doesn’t happen to suit me.

Something is really, deeply wrong. That is a different issue.

I just hate exam period, because they have free time, and I spend my days in a state. No matter what I do, I am trapped with them. And I cannot calm down or get any work done. All day.

I am going to lose my mind. I have to buy headphones. That’s my own fault. But I hate being trapped in a room with all of this noise and all of these emotions. And I hate that I cannot calm down. All day long.