Special Country X annoyances I did not fully appreciate before:

People who yell when they walk into a room for no discernible reason. You know, just so that people notice they have walked into the room.

People who hum.

People who say absolutely every thought they have out loud, even when no one is listening.

Last, but not least, adults who cannot read silently. Seriously, in a staff meeting, if there is a slide on a Powerpoint screen, you will hear 24 adults independently reading out loud.

People who like to read out loud for me in case I failed in 2nd grade and cannot read independently. They get through a paragraph and I have to tell them I have finished reading the page.

Since I am on a roll here, I don’t know why people have to fight constantly about petty things. The conflict here is constant. And don’t kids normally stop arguing about who bumped into whom by fourth grade? Or am I just unaware?