It was kind of a hectic day. I thought I would briefly catch you up before I head off to bed early.

We had a staff meeting all day, but I didn’t really need to listen much. I am teaching 3rd and 4th grade maths. Which is pretty funny, given I have a secondary teaching credential. But anyway, there you are. I was assigned it. The other options seemed considerably worse. We weren’t given much choice this year.

I spent a lot of the day, it seemed, getting together the pieces of paper for the other two daughters to give to C’s mom. I guess their neighbour is going to send it by bus. Also, VP Ma’am got a call from C’s mom and got an update out of her. C is coming, but she will be arriving a bit late. School starts on the 15th, then there are holidays the next two days. She will come most likely on the 17th (a holiday) or the 18th (the next school day). She is coming with her uncle, and they are driving the long way, through the Capital City.

It’s interesting, because I was vaguely worried about that. It seemed from looking at her online activity that she hadn’t left Timbuktu. If she is going to arrive according to the plan stated first, she ought to have left today. Then I was worried about her travelling alone. So, there are these legitimate indications of problems, but I can’t quite process them, and this seems to make them more intense. It’s like I do need to pay attention to those little pricks of worry, but actually I need to make the space to get calm and work through some other stuff that is probably coming with it. Mainly, I need to take the time to get calm. What I used to do in the past, it seems, was either not react (all is fine, because it kind of is) or over-react.

Also, her mom told VP Ma’am she wanted to talk to me and I should call her. This made my stomach tie up in knots. What does she want to tell me? Also, as it turns out, the saw started up as soon as she answered the phone.

As it turns out, nothing. She just wanted a phone call. I said, “Your mom said you wanted to talk to me.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“What did you want to say to me?”


This was a real nothing, not the teenage fake one where nothing means everything.

We had the usual kind of conversation: I said things and she agreed with them or disagreed with them. After a minute or so she needed to do something for her brother, and off she went.

I don’t know what to make of it really. I am not warm at all. And I am very, very tired. I came home and wasn’t that tired. Then all of a sudden I was.

I really have a lot to process.