I am so very tired. I seem to be coping, but I am just more and more tired. I keep catching one cold after another. I have this magic zinc spray that really does work, and the colds last only a few days. Then I get a new one. But I am not really tired because of the colds. That’s just one piece of things.

I am tired because I’m sad. I am really, really, really sad.

I miss Nata and I miss Grusha and I am sad about the baby dying. I am just buried under sadness.


One thought on “Buried

  1. desilef October 18, 2015 / 9:21 pm

    It’s sad you don’t have people to grieve with you. To sympathize, yes, as those of us who read your posts do. But I understand that no one you know today knew and loved the people who were taken from you. Yes, sad.

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