Tuesday, I fought with C over an umbrella. She won.

She had gate duty, and she was standing in the steady rain, checking for junk food. It was just then maybe five minutes to eight, and her duty lasts until 8:15 or so. The rain showed no signs of letting up.

I asked her where her umbrella was. At home. I asked why she hadn’t brought it. Well, she thought it would stop raining soon. I told her she was going to get wet and then cold and then sick. Which is actually not quite true. C is never sick. I think she has not missed one day of school all year. I didn’t like her standing in the rain for 20 minutes though—especially, when after that, she would have to walk around in the rain a bit longer monitoring social work and then even longer perhaps, if did not rain hard, at assembly.

I put my umbrella in her hand, and she fought this a little bit, but I looked at her very hard and she stopped. Then she called someone to take the umbrella back to me. I shouted at the girl she called not to take it. And I stood for a while higher on the hill, making sure she didn’t send it with someone else. Somehow, I didn’t see that one of the boy captains had taken it quietly while I was standing there watching. A minute later, there he was, holding my umbrella out to me with two hands. I told him she was very irritating and went away then, carrying my umbrella while C went on standing in the rain.