Yesterday, we walked the last part of the way to the resort because they were hauling up a truck that had fallen into a very deep ravine and this was blocking the road. While I was walking, I was very aware that the faces of other people walking or just standing around watching the machine at work were people I didn’t know.

In Y-town, mostly I see only people I know. I mean, maybe 1/10 of the faces are unfamiliar to me if I am walking around town on any given day. Maybe less.

I felt lonely. No one asked me where I was going. None of the kids said good evening to me.

It made me realize later that loneliness is a part of what has to be processed and hasn’t.

I don’t have it all worked out. I don’t know what all the facets of the loneliness are, but that seems to be part of what has been called up in being here. It’s part of what I need to feel.

I guess I’ll do that later.