The lights came on today.

I don’t mean literally—although that happened to. The electricity was out in the morning, and after about three hours, it came back on. But I don’t mean that.

I mean for a little while today, it stopped feeling like I was living in the dark.

It was a pleasant morning—a little bit sunny, warm, but not too hot. I sat outside for a bit with English Ma’am, who is leaving Y-town for a different school on Thursday. We talked. And as I was heading back into the staffroom to finish up my work before class started, I realized there were bees everywhere. Not swarming. Just hovering everywhere over the grass.

For me, it felt suddenly as though the lights came on. Alive might the be right word. Like life is not all drudgery or a dead hard slog through a swamp, but something a little bit magical. Not puppies and roses and butterflies everywhere, but just, well, interesting. A little bit interesting.