It’s an especially auspicious day. I am not exactly clear on the reason—there’s some kind of notice about it, but I can’t quite put it all together.

Anyway, the school day ends early, and we are required to be at prayer service with the students. So we do that. My friends want to walk around the holy site, so we do that too. And then we go shopping, because the big events always attract vendors who offer better prices and a bigger variety of options. If you want anything in the next one year, this is the month to buy it in.

While we’re we shopping, it begins to turn cold. Not freezing cold, but a kind of damp, windy chill that reminds me of the seaside in the evenings or at the wrong time of year.

The city where I was trafficked was like that. I was like that nearly all of the year, so that is what I am reminded of. I am reminded of being outside in a dampy, chilly wind, waiting for johns maybe or waiting for our ride back to the hotel. I don’t know. But I am reminded of Natalya, of her blowing on my hands and rubbing them. I am reminded of being held close because I am so cold.