The other idea that has emerged recently is that it is possible to be good.

It is possible to be good and there are also things that are definitely right and definitely wrong.

If you’ve experienced “good” as life in a box, then you won’t understand what I’m saying, because for me good was evil and evil was good or maybe it was that good could be made evil and vice versa.

I don’t know.

But “good” was unattainable. Good meant when you honour your father by doing what he says, you murder the innocent animal quickly so that it does not suffer too much.

When you are told to brutalize your best friend, you are glad it’s you who has to do it because someone else might really tear her apart.

The moral gymnastics were awesome. Not in a good way. In a genuine head-destroying kind of way.

But it’s starting to cross my mind that there is something like moral solid ground. There is a lot of gray area, but murder, for example, is almost always wrong. We keep making idiotic exceptions for torture, but that seems to be wrong too.

And kindness…

Kindness is generally good. And possible.