Disturbing the unity: leaving the Borg

sevenLast night at dinner, at the long table they’ve set especially for us–the “Canadian teachers” although most of us are not Canadian–I felt different in a pricking, intermittent kind of way.

I pieced something together just then, eating my noodles and vegetable kofta. I know I am different. I am, perhaps, even more different than average. We’re all different. That’s nothing new, but what I understand is that they see themselves as different too.

The uncomfortable feeling I had was that of being an individual.

In the 2×2 church, and probably other controlling religious groups as well as many dysfunctional families, you are not an individual. Behaviour that speaks to your individuality “disturbs the unity of the church.” Your job is to “fit in.”

What I hadn’t put together is that those around me also see themselves as individuals. In the West, we are proud of our uniqueness. We want to be special. Whenever you are anxious about something, someone will tell you, “Just be yourself.” But I didn’t grow up in the same culture as those around me did. I grew up in the Borg. I was assimilated. Resistance was useless.


2 thoughts on “Disturbing the unity: leaving the Borg

  1. ridicuryder January 23, 2014 / 8:10 pm

    “Unity” within a closed minded (church) community isn’t unity . . . it’s just Individuality with a capital I.

    BTW is your CountryX blog something different or are your posts here just filed there?

    • Ashana M January 24, 2014 / 5:02 pm

      It is a different blog. If I have Headach-y kinds of thoughts they’ll go here. Country X is more travel-y. It’s countryx.wordpress.com

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